COVID-19 update: New resources help businesses safely return to work

10/07/2020 2356 views

Jangro has launched two new guides to help businesses prepare for the return to work, as the country eases out of lockdown. The first is about how to control the risk of COVID-19 via deep cleaning, whilst the second focusses on the importance of hand hygiene, with tips and advice to achieve compliance.

Joanne Gilliard, CEO at Jangro, said: “Cleaning and hygiene have always played an important role in society, but as the world battles against COVID-19 they have taken on added significance. Our two new guides aim to help businesses, in clear and easy to understand language, implement effective infection prevention measures. With these in place, they can rest assured that their workspaces are as clean, hygienic and healthy as possible, thus preventing the spread of germs, and protecting staff, their families, and the wider community.”

Jangro’s new guides - ‘Deep cleaning - controlling the risk’ and ‘Importance of hand hygiene’ - can be downloaded from: