Our Story


We are Tisha Hygiene -  a company that cares about the hygiene level of our customers, makes hygiene meaningful and makes the planet feel safe.


My name is Olga Skyba, and I`m a CEO of a family-run company Tisha Hygiene. We offer quality sanitary and hygiene products to businesses in the UK. We do our best to provide the highest service to our British customers using all our experience and passion.

Our story

Tisha Hygiene`s parent company ATMA was founded by my father, Igor Skyba, in Kyiv, Ukraine. Its primary purpose was to provide sanitary and hygienic products for professional use. 

Therefore, in the early 2000s, the company drew exclusive contracts with leading European professional equipment manufacturers- Mar Plast, Mediclinics, and TTS. 6 years later, we launched our production of paper products under the Tischa Papier brand.

Today ATMA successfully produces and develops its liquid soap line, disposable shoe covers, waste bags, and metal dispensers. In 2020 - a pandemia year - we launched the production of hand sanitisers following the rapid market's need. The main idea was to extend maximum protection for people.

Tisha Hygiene in the UK
Since childhood, I have been inspired by my father's work in Ukraine. From the softest toilet paper to the metal waste bins, all range of products were made with love. As I grew up, I decided to continue the family business.

I did it in London after I became a part of British society. I got every confidence that family comes first or people in the UK. Faith in this mentality motivated me to set up my Tisha Hygiene in 2019 and successfully develop it today.

What makes us unique? Quality & comfort balance.

The very first goal of our company was to provide the customers with high-quality sanitary products that could make all users genuinely safe. We were determined to create not just good paper products but make them unique and efficient. But step by step, considering our client's needs and wishes, we started getting into some up-to-date technologies. 

So that is the way our special technologies appeared. For instance, Air Pocket helps improve paper product strength characteristics and water solubility resistance. Steel to Steel technology makes the paper more fluffy and bulky, whereas Steel to Rubber increases its adsorbing properties. 

Although each technology has its punch line, the Ultra Air Pocket technology currently delights our clients the most. It creates an “air pocket” due to the glueing of two layers of paper. Thus, we maintain the paper volume but make its length many times smaller. Our customers are fond of such a downiness while we significantly reduce consumption and spare funds.  

Do you wonder how we could provide you with the best paper products which seem to be made especially for you? The answer is easy: we think over each step in advance and for receiving output goods. We import 100% cellulose raw materials from Italy and Indonesia. Since the client-oriented approach is our primary advantage, we can be sure about our products` quality and your comfort. 

Our mission

We all love the UK and the people living here. We strongly believe that making public toilets more hygienic and cost-effective is a doable task. This is why at Tisha Hygiene, we are eager to help our clients reach a new level of sanitary conditions inside their places. We prove it daily by assisting our customers in satisfying their visitors in a safe and secure environment.


  • expanding our range of products and services,
  • using the latest technologies,
  • increasing the production capacity and diversity 
  • and providing the highest level of service to our customers 


We are confident about the future.

And so you are.